Floating Notecards

I’m guessing that we’re not going to see floating note cards under Linux before 2014? Thx kraml

Are you referring to the freeform corkboard mode, where cards can be moved around freely and without impacting the binder order? If so, then maybe not, as that is slated for 2.0 and we haven’t set even a tentative date on that yet (though its status now is much more concrete than it has been in the past).

Yes, AmberV, I was referring to the freeform corkboard mode. Thx! kraml

Meanwhile you might want to try the Scapple beta through WINE, if you’re set up for it. I’ve heard it works pretty well, and that will give you a freeform thinking area, if that is what you are looking for.

And, FYI, Scapple doesn’t appear to need all the overrides and things via winetricks that Scrivener does. (I just installed it to a clean WINE prefix, and it ran as well as it did in the Scrivener WINE prefix.)

Straight from the source; thanks garpu.

Thanks. I’m going to explore Scapple in Wine. It installed just fine under Wine 1.4 and seems to run okay. I use Wine 1.4 b/c later versions do not seem to be compatible with PDFXchange, which is irreplaceable for me. But I’m native Linux only with Scrivener at the moment. Trying to keep things as simple as possible. kraml

BUT . . . do you happen to have an instruction sheet for installing Scrivener under wine? I need to avoid too much technical detail at the moment or it will sidetrack the main project. Thx again. kraml

This goes without saying that you want to install Scrivener to its own WINE prefix, since you need a fair amount of overrides to get it working.

You’ll need winetricks. With winetricks, install vcrun2010, corefonts, (allfonts, if you want), and quartz. These are the basic minimums to get Scrivener running. Note that PDFs and media playback doesn’t work under WINE. (But if you’re running the LInux native one on a 64 bit machine, media playback/import doesn’t work anyway.)

I don’t think you’ll need the visual basic libraries anymore–you used to need them, but a lot of them have been implemented in WINE by default.

If you want to tweak how things look, do a search on here for the fontsmoothing post I did. It’s got some registry hacks that make the fonts look decent.

I’m running a patched/custom version of WINE to play Guild Wars 2, and I’ve found the awesomium patch makes web page import/loading a lot faster. (It’ll work without it, if you aren’t comfortable patching and compiling your own WINE.)

NB: Drag and drop from WINE/Scrivener to WINE/Scapple doesn’t work for me. YMMV.