Floating windows over other apps

I saw in a post from two years ago that this supposedly isn’t possible, but I know that it was working for me before, so I’m going to ask:
How do I get my QR window to float above other apps? I have been taking notes in a QR window while looking at a document in my web browser. I’ve been doing that ever since I started using Scrivener earlier this summer. I move the QR window out to the side, find my document in my browser, then click on the QR window and it comes to the top. The main Scrivener window stays out of the way.
But all of a sudden that’s not working anymore. Now, even though I have the QR window moved to the side, when I’m in the browser, it’s no longer visible. I can’t see it until I click back on Scrivener, and then the main window is blocking my view of the browser, so I can’t transcribe. It’s been the basis of how I’ve been using Scrivener since I started, so I’d really like to get this ability back. What did I do wrong? (I still have Float Quick Reference Panels checked.)

What version of Scrivener? What version of Mac OS?

If it suddenly stopped working, have you recently upgraded either?