Floating windows

Why do the two editing windows have to be locked together? I’ve got two screens and at present one is wasted when I used Scriv - it would be much better to be able to drag one of the editing windows onto the second screen.

It would also be much easier to see which window was selected if they were normal OSX windows - at present the only clues are the underlining in the header and the cursor, both easily missed. The vertical scroll bars stay highlighted in both windows, not just the active one, which is surely contrary to most UI guidelines? I’m forever clicking on a folder in the Binder e.g. to switch to a new research clipping, only to discover that it was my writing window that was active - drives me mad!

sorry, meant to add these points to the previous post:

  • if the two windows were normal OSX windows, you could switch between them using the standard OSX shortcut (Cmnd-`) instead of having to use an instantly forgettable, four-finger-contorting combination

  • as well as putting the two editing windows on different screen (for people with two-screen set-ups) you could use the second screen for the binder, and/or note and/r keyword, etc.

UI guidelines? You mean the ones that state that pin-stripes should be used for apps that don’t emulate a technology of some sort whereas metal should be used for the latter, that state that window elements should be 20 pixels from the edge of the window and that source lists should be in drawers (except in certain situations)? In other words, you mean the HIG that haven’t been relevant since Jaguar? Besides which, the colour of the scrollbars is controlled by Apple internal code, not by me, so it must be them breaking the non-existent guidelines. :wink:

As for the separate window idea - hmm, you seem to be suggesting a complete redesign of the program. Sorry, but most folk (including myself) like it the way it is. I designed Scrivener as a single-window application because I hate working with multiple windows. If you are working with multiple windows, you may as well just use multiple applications. Everything is kept much neater in a one window setup.

Of course, for those fortunate enough to have a dual window setup, you can always have the full screen window open on one screen and the main window open on the other screen. In the new beta, alt-clicking on items in the binder will open them in the full screen window.

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