Flow chart in Scapple

Does anyone know how to create a chart to show that 2 parents have 2 children. Logically I would connect the 2 parents, then have one connector line going to one or more children.
Scapple only seems to allow one connector ie., one parent to one or more children, instead of two parents to one or more children.

Please see attached document for an example

Thanks, Jane
Scapple flowchart.dot (32 KB)

I would express that concept using the attached construct. You could either use a note with a space, or a small background shape to serve as the nexus point.
13290907-union_logic.scap (6.02 KB)

Hmm… Doesn’t seem quite as elegant to me. Also it doesn’t follow typical family tree styles. I suppose it all depends what you want Scapple to do? Perhaps the designers can confer? We all want this project to succeed.

Thanks! Keep up the great work!

Well that’s exactly it, it wasn’t really designed with genealogical maps in mind, if it were, then the sort of square lines you demonstrated would probably be a part of its repertoire. The connections were designed in mind with saying one thing is like another, or references another directly, rather than expressing logical unions and such. Alternate line styles, including curved lines, have already been set aside as being out of scope by the designer, if that is what you were wondering.

I think each tool has a scope of things it does well and some things it does soso.
For highly structured diagramms maybe it would be better to use a diagramming software it the first place. I had good results with yED, which is free. It is a great tool for doing all kinds of charts and has good premade symbols on board and a versatile automativ restructering option. While it is great for flowcharts, I very soon gave up on using it to develop thoughts, it is just too slow and distracting for this task. Scapple is my choice for this task.