"flow mode" and timer

textroom is a nice little Writeroom-style app for Linux and XP (maybe you can compile it on a Mac; I didn’t try). It has a couple of intriguing features: if you turn on “flow mode” you can’t delete anything, so just have to keep on typing. It also has a timer so you can set it to automatically alert you after 45 minutes to go and take a 15-minute break (some people swear by breaking up work like this).

Naturally you could accomplish the latter externally, but I’d be intrigued as to how many other users might be interested in these features appearing in Scrivener (assuming, as I have no reason to, that they are relatively straightforward to implement…).

Keith developed a little full-screen application a long time ago that does this. If you search the forum for “blockwriter” you should come across it. It doesn’t have a built in timer, but it does act a bit like a typewriter. It will let you fix typos, so it isn’t quite as strict as what you are describing here, but if you try to move back to an older line it won’t let you delete it, just strike it out.

I use a very convenient timer named “Minuteur”, whenever I feel the need to. A small application with an intuitive interface, which I can recommend.