fluid pinch to zoom

It would be nice to be able to use “pinch to zoom” fluidly within zoomable panels, especially the editor.

Seeing as how you can already zoom the text in the editor with that very gesture, is there something special that you mean by “fluid” that I’m not familiar with?

You can? I have version 2.8, I’m running Mavericks (OSX 10.9.5), and pinching does nothing. (I didn’t mean anything special by “fluid”.)

I looked through the Scrivener preference panels to see if I had some box unchecked but didn’t find anything.

Maybe it’s an OS-related issue? I’ve been reluctant to upgrade past Mavericks because I have an older machine.

My mistake! This was added to Scapple and some areas of Scrivener, but not the text. I remember now there are issues with changing text scale freely like that. Text zoom is a bit fragile. The gesture does already work with images and PDFs in the editor, and now that pinch zooming was designed for iOS, maybe that technique can be carried over to the Mac corkboard too, so I’ll put that on the list of things to look into.

Text zoom is probably still out though, like I say, it’s more a matter of keeping the text engine from turning into a bug nest (there are even bugs with using odd number zoom percentages vs even number).

Thanks for the responses. I figured there was something tricky about the coding, otherwise it’d already have been done.

Would it be any less complicated to link the pinch gesture to the pre-set zoom scale (50%, 75%, 90%, …)?

It would look choppy but it would be better than nothing.

Yeah I think that would look too choppy, and once you got into the higher ranges there would be these massive jumps between sizes with the smallest of moves. Getting that “feel” right, between controlling a stepped “slider” and the tactile feel of “zooming” was pretty tricky for iOS—but it does work quite well. Fortunately the text editor there does not seem to suffer from the same sort of zoom bugs the Mac version does at least!

By the way you can use Shift-Cmd-, and Shift-Cmd-. to zoom in and out. It’s not a gesture, but it’s just as fast.

Any news on this?
I am really enjoying using Scrivener 3, all round a fantastic bit of software. It has such a familiar macOS look and feel, though, that I really expected pinch-to-zoom to work. I have used other software where they linked pinch-to-zoom to zoom levels, so it was not smooth, and actually this worked OK. Could this be added?

Sorry to say it’s still not easy to bring that kind of zoom to the RTF editor on macOS. I’ve seen it done Nisus Writer Pro, so it’s possible, but not on our radar for the time being.

Hey AmberV,

Any chance this fluid pinch zoom could be put back on the radar? It would be really lovely to have as a feature. As a Mac User, I take for granted how useful it is when writing in .Pages documents, and the lack of ability to zoom in and out has made the transition very difficult. It would really improve usability to have that feature.

Many thanks,


There is ability to zoom in and out, as explained above in the thread above.