Flying Logic discount...whatcha thinking?

MacZot offer - for the next 15 hours or so - a 60% discount on Sciral’s Flying Logic. It’s now down to 99$ (the regular price is…omg…249$). I’m, well, in a sort of a minor turmoil here. I sooo want to buy it, but the hole in my pocket is kinda screaming at me whenever I’m trying to click the “Buy” button. :cry: Does anyone happen to use Flying Logic in conjunction with Scrivener? (I somehow found the courage to switch from Stalker Mode to Posting Mode… :blush: )

I have a copy of Flying Logic, and I’ve used it for plotting fiction, although I haven’t used it for a while. In the Flying Logic forums there used to be - should still be - an excellent series of posts by AndreasE - who also uses Scrivener and contributes to this forum - on the use of Flying Logic in planning a novel.

I can’t remember whether Flying Logic can export in OPML format. If so, Scrivener can import the outline it creates. Otherwise, you’ll have to re-type.

Thanks, Hugh - found the forum. Here’s a link to the discussion (I assume that’s the one you mean):

I downloaded a trial version. See if I can manage what AndreasE suggested.

Yes, FlyingLogic exports OPML. But the order of items not necessarily reflect the order of items on the FlyingLogic-screen, so manual re-ordering might be required.

Used as a storyboard (which is far below its possibilities), the nice thing is that things fall in place by themselves. You define events, then you define “this has to happen before this, and this causes this”, until you end up with a long chain of events, aka “plot”. It is, however, hard to handle and not a tool for everybody.

Compared to Scvrivener, it is very, very expensive. It can be a lifesaver for plots. In some situations. But necessary it is not (as Yoda would put it - most probably adding: Trust the force within yourself!).

Thanks AndreasE - for the detailed explanations here and in the Flying Logic Forum - and of course for Master Yoda :slight_smile: