Flying Logic Pro Coupon

Sciral are offering a coupon that reduces the price of this application from $149 to $79 for a limited period; this link (scroll down to Comments) explains.

AndreasE has described here and on the FL forum how he has successfully used the software to outline fiction.

Thanks very much for the heads up Hugh!

This is a very tempting offer.

So everyone else knows: the offer is good to the 20th of April.

Yes, Flying Logic is a good complement to Scrivener and I can recommend it for the “mind-map-brain-storming”-phase of plot development. The strong point is that everything you put into the picture goes to its logical place all by itself - you never have to move dozens of items around to make room for another. At least I’d recommend to give it a try.

I took advantage of this offer. I would not have been otherwise able to purchase the Pro version.

Thanks for making this possible and also for posting here.


I like the program, and while I’m not sure I actually need it, it certainly does look like it would be fun. I haven’t yet decided whether to grab it right now (I’m trying to make myself spend more time working and less time trying to find neat Mac programs to optimise my workflow) but I certainly wouldn’t have discovered the program without the heads-up here. Thanks!