focus- and flow-mode

I just came across two feature which I consider exceptional useful for writing with software:

  1. Focus-mode: the “iA Writer” software ( offers what they called a Focus-Mode, this “limit the field of view to one sentence at a time, it also makes sure that the eyes do not need to wander too much around the window while writing.” (see also: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=14642&start=0&hilit=focus+mode)

  2. Flow-mode: WriteMonkey includes a flow-mode, in active flow-mode backspace and delete buttons will be disabled, no cut, copy and paste. This forces you to go along with you thought and text, no editing, no jumping back - like with a “real” typewriter.

I would be grateful if such feature would find there way into scrivener fullscreen writing.


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