Focus in Composition Mode?


I have been using Scrivener 2 since 2011, and I just got a new computer so I’m finally trying Scrivener 3. I love it globally but I’m experiencing that is bothering me: whenever I switch to composition mode (full screen), the cursor disappears from the text (like if I clicked on something and the focus is now elsewhere).

Why is that? Can I change this?

It’s very annoying because for example I press Cmd-Option-F to go into composition mode with keyboard shortcut, but then I have to manually click in the text if I want to start typing. I can’t really understand. Focus should stay in the text area and I should be able to start typing right away, no?

Thanks for any help, and sorry if my description of the problem is unclear.

Thank you very much for the help. Unfortunately, turning off all options in on that screen doesn’t make any difference regarding this problem: whenever I enter Composition mode, my cursor is nowhere to be found so I lose where I was and have to manually click in the text to be able to interact with it.

I’m still hoping to find a solution as this seems like a rather odd problem.

I’ll try it when I’m back home, but it sounds unlikely: Scrivener 2 has never been installed on this computer. It’s all fresh. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!