Focus in Spaces

First gripe, as promised. I use Spaces a lot so this applies to working when Spaces in running (haven’t checked the score if Spaces is disabled)

Here I am working in a Scrivener edit window. For perfectly good reasons, I have the Project Targets window open. Cmd-tab to another window, check something, cmd-tab back, and the Project Target (or Session Target) field has the focus. Start typing. Think “?” Realize what’s happened & click in edit window again.

Same thing happens if the Scratchpad is open. If both the Targets and the Scratchpad window are open, the foremost has the focus; if Scratchpad is Floating, it gets the focus every time.

A minor irritation & I thought it was just me, accidentally clicking somewhere, until I noticed that my Project Target was “85,00thaoWhifAs” words and worked out why…

I’m afraid I’m not sure there’s much I can do about this. It looks as though it is an Apple problem in switching between applications when floating panels are active - the floating panels get the focus when you return.

That said… I can’t actually reproduce this. Are you sure that the floating panel didn’t already have the focus when you cmd-tabbed elsewhere?


Yup. The Scrivener document had focus in every case.

Bloody Apple.

Strangely, I still can’t reproduce this… There must be some special circumstances involved…

Slightly off-topic, but another Spaces thing that annoys me is Firefox. When switching the Space with Firefox in it, often the application is focussed, but not the window. You have to use the mouse to activate the window! It could be something related to this bug.

Although this doesn’t fix it, if you happen to be using the keyboard at that moment, you can hit Command-` to bring the main Firefox window into focus. (That’s the usual keyboard shortcut to switch between windows in a given application.) A little faster than grabbing the mouse.

Right you are. I thought I had tried that once and it didn’t work, but I just tried again and it does. Hmm.