Focus issue: document search

[Apologies: I meant to post this in the Feedback forum. Can it be moved by a mod?Thanks!]

When you do a Ctrl+F search of a document or a scrivening set, it searches down, and if it comes up negative, a prompt/info box gives the option to redo the search from the start of the document.*

If you respond No to this, the box closes. If you respond Yes, the search is re-done, and if it again comes up negative, the prompt/info box lets you know that.

ISSUE: Regardless of how you respond, when you close the prompt box, by either clicking a button or pressing Esc, the Find dialog itself remains on the screen, but out of focus, thus requiring you to either 1) use the mouse to get rid of it, or 2) do an unnecessary Ctrl-F re-invocation to give it focus, at which point you can close it with the keyboard.

That is incredibly annoying, and amounts to a recurring penalty paid for negative searches, with an extra tax on keyboard navigation. :frowning:

[size=85]* Actually, you get that prompt even if the initial search was done from the doc top.[/size]

This is on our list, but it hasn’t been as high priority as some other issues.

Mod note: Moved to Feedback as requested.