Focus mode and shortcut to move between sentences

Please create an option so writers can focus on the current line, and the rest of the lines are faded, similar to iAWriter. It’s patent pending or whatever, but maybe there is a workaround ? Two sentences, gradient fading, or color ?

I also would like to request keyboard shortcut for moving between sentences (e.g. Cmd-opt-arrow), it will be very useful for reviewing sentences.

You can fake the ‘focus’ mode for a single line now if you wish.

In System Preferences > Appearances > Customisable Colours, select Editor, then Current Line Highlighting and choose the background colour you want.

Then, still in the Editor line, choose Text background and set the colour to black (or whatever colour your standard text is).

Now the only line you’ll see is the one you’re working on. Not perfect (if you’ve got inline annotations / footnotes in a different colour they’ll still show up, and so will spelling corrections etc) but it’s most of the way there…