Focus Mode?

Would love to have FOCUS MODE in Scrivener (by line or paragraph) for editing the finer stuff. Any chance of that happening in the future?

You’ve already got one, basically. In Composition mode hold down the Option key, and use the “Paper Height” slider to shrink it down as far as you want.

Another vote for a ‘de-emphasise all but the bit I’m currently typing’ feature like, erm … another product, (other people have copied ideas from Scrivener, why not pay them the same compliment?)

Changing the paper height conceals text, what I want to do is make it fade into the background but still be present for a subliminal context.

Similar to paper height have an option to grey out lines away the cursor position varying from show the whole page to grey out everything but the current line.

C’mon. Tolstoi wrote “War and Peace” without stuff like that.

I’m not sure I get the point of that. If you want to focus, why do you need access to the the rest of the text at all? I’ve seen what you are talking about in other programs; never got it though. You probably end up circumventing the feature (‘subliminal’ doesn’t really work that way; and rarely works at all) and squinting at grey text probably isn’t good for your eyes.

But, if that’s all you want, you can do that too with the current line highlight feature. Greyish background; greyish text; darker highlight bar.

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According to the philosopher Galimberti (“Psiche e techne”), technique (therefore, technology) is not a tool, but the environment we live in. But I’m sure Tolstoij never read any modern philosopher :slight_smile:


Focus Mode is great in that it helps brings the eye to a sentence or paragraph while graying out the words around it. I use it for editing long work in “other programs.” I would prefer to use Scrivener solely.

To the above poster that suggested this be moved, I don’t think it’s such ridiculous request. A lot of us find this very useful.

This is the “wish list” forum, right?