Focus mode

Hi, I have recently updated from (loosely) V2 to V3, and by and large am enjoying the new version. I can see the benefits of the new focus mode - but I’m also really missing the old one. I’m editing a manuscript that’s gone from V2 to MS Word and now in to Scrivener V3.1.5 (12259) on Mac Catalina 10.15.2 and I am just now realising how much use I made of that highlighted line. The other focus modes are useful don’t get me wrong - but I think I’m suffering form withdrawal symptoms. Is there any chance it might make a comeback?

There was no Focus mode at all in the older version, but it sounds to me like you might be referring to the Current Line Highlight feature, which is of course still a thing in Scrivener 3. It can be activated in the Appearance: Main Editor: Options tab. The colour can be set in the respective tab the right, and if you don’t like the new bordered look, you can go back to the v2 highlighter by disabling Draw border around current line highlights, in the Appearance: General Interface pane. Note, Composition Mode and Quick Reference also have the ability to use this highlighter bar.

Ah!!! That is so helpful - thank you! I must admit, because of deadlines mixed with needing to update my OS I dived straight in to this version without reading the manual - mea culpa. That set of menus is like a whole new toy box now - I’m a happy bunny! :smiley:

And if you recommend it?

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the update. :slight_smile:

To help you out, the good old interactive tutorial has been completely revamped, and it includes a tour of new features as a Collection, so you can just skip through the easy stuff aimed at totally new users. A more thorough listing of notable changes can be found in the user manual, under Appendix E. By and large much of the program should feel the same, but once you hit compile you’ll see where a lot of the overhaul was spent. We have a special tutorial for bringing v2 users up to speed.

Thank you! I thought I had a grasp of styles in compile mode; having just seen my latest output I realise that turns out not to be the case…! Still, it’s just a question of adjustment. I can see the logic of the re-structuring, it’s just a question of finding the right buttons. It is actually an insanely powerful application, congratulations on providing an end-to-end solution. Most fun I’ve had since Ventura Publisher back in '89…! :wink: