Focus Shift from Imported Webpage

If you import a webpage with a textbox that receives focus when you load the page (e.g. the Google or Yahoo! homepage), clicking that document in the binder makes the focus immediately switch to the editor. Since this behavior is different from any other document in the binder–even other imported webpages–it threw me off when I went to delete a page I’d just imported for a test and kept hitting cmd-delete ineffectually until I realized I had to click again on the document in the binder to bring the focus back. If there’s a way to force the focus to stay in the binder as it does with other documents, that’d be nice. If not, ah well. Who imports the Google homepage for real anyway? :wink:

Scrivener doesn’t do anything there, so it must be the web page and WebKit doing that, I’m afraid.

Ah, yeah. No problem, just wanted to mention it since I stumbled across it.