Fold index card slug lines in inspector synopsis?

I read with interest the comments on slug lines back in 2008, so I know I’m lucky to have two lines now. And I use them. For example, I just wrote a card “Estimation: Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.” OK, not great art but it tells me just what I had in mind.

I don’t mind them being truncated in the Binder but it would be nice if when the card is shown in Inspector, the text would fold. Is there an option for that that I have missed.

Yes, I could go to putting text in the rest of the card, and often do. Just making sure I’m not missing an easy way.

BTW I am liking Scrivener now that I have started using it in anger, and have sent a work colleague to get a copy so he can review my work. SO YOU OWE ME.

No, just kidding. Anyway love the product, keep it happening! Thanks!

Is there a missing negative in that question? The way I see it, text is already folded in the title line of the index card. Only the first line is shown and the rest is hidden.

When you view the corkboard, you see both lines of a card with 2 lines above the red. When you view the Synopsis in the inspector, you see the same card, but the line runs off the page rather than showing two lines as it does in corkboard. I’m wondering if there’s a way to see the full title line in the inspector.

Am I being more clear yet?


Got it! If you have the option to allow two-line titles, that option doesn’t carry over the inspector. This suggestion makes sense to me. I’ll make sure Keith sees it so he can make a decision.

Thanks for introducing Scrivener to your colleague, by the way!