Folder contents "disappear"

One other question:

I have a chapter as a text document. I decided that chapter should contain some scenes, so I hit “Convert to Folder” (thinking I would then store the scenes as sub-documents within the original chapter). However, when I do this, the original text disappears from the text file that became a folder. Where does it go? How should I be doing this? Thanks.

I doubt it has actually disappeared, you just need to manage your views of folders. By default, folders come up in either Corkboard or Outliner views, so you can view their children in context. It’s just a default though, if you want to read the text of a folder, turn off the associated view by clicking on the appropriate button in the toolbar, or using the keyboard shortcut.

If you don’t like that default behaviour, you can change your preference in the Navigation section.

Exactly. Folders open in corkboard mode by default; other documents open in editor mode by default. If you select a folder and it’s in corkboard mode, click on the corkboard icon in the toolbar to turn off corkboard mode and see its underlying text. See our video tutorial on “The Flexibility of Folders in Scrivener” for more:


I didn’t think the text had actually “disappeared” – I just didn’t know how to see it again. Thanks for the help.