Folder contents gone

I realise this has happened to other people, it has also happened to me in the past, but this time I haven’t been able to recover my lost work.
Last time I went to the most recent Word doc in the docs folder and did a copy paste no problem. This time I went there and the doc is just a lot of small squares.
And I can’t get the recently closed version either because I didn’t know about this option and opened and closed the project several times before finding out about it so all 5 of the backups are with the work missing.
Please help.

Ok, sorted the problem, I right clicked on the word document, clicked on “version history” and thankfully I have my work in dropbox and they had all the previous versions of the doc. It was then a simple copy and paste.
So, a third option to recover work mysteriously “lost” by Scrivener.