Folder Contents

I have a suggestion and yes, I did search for a similar answer or topic first. It would be nice if when option clicking on a folder I could see the contents of that folder in the editor. This would help with organization as I have many folders and sometimes I need to just scan quickly what is in a folder as my folder names are not always as accurate as they should be.

Right now I can do this by clicking to expand the folder and shift clicking on several texts with that folder. What I am suggesting is making it possible to essentially do that same thing by selecting or option selecting the folder. Please note, I am not arguing the efficiency of seeing all that is with a folder as you still need to expand it to do that. I am simply suggesting that it would be useful when you can’t remember for sure what is in a folder, to click on it and see by what gets populated in the editor. After than you can always expand it and work within it. It would be a time saver.

Thank you for considering my suggestion.


Isn’t that exactly what the outliner mode in the editor does?

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No, I am focused on the Scrivenings view. Outliner view is a different way of looking at things that allows a different way of customizing things which is very useful in it’s own right but Outline view does not do what I am suggesting. You still have to expand a folder in outline view to see it’s contents - just as you now have to do in Scrivenings view. I was merely suggesting that in Scrivenings view it would be helpful when clicking on a folder to see the editor show all that is in that folder. The editor is sitting idle at that point anyway so …

At this point I am doing mostly research so the outline view - which I like very much and will definitely use once I start setting goals for a writing project. As I gather research I have many different directions that I want to fill in with links, comments, ideas what-if statements, etc. The outline view is great for tracking goals or steps in a project but it is not very useful for me at this point in time.

I love the way in scrivenings view I can select multiple items and see them all on a single editor view separated by a line. The allows me to review what I have been doing and to be aware of duplication as I sometimes will do gathering so much research on various topics.

Outline shows one level of a folder but it only shows a one liner. Under scrivenings view with shift or option clicking (for non contiguous clicks) I can see not just the title but all the information in several files.

My point was making this easy by a click or an option click on a folder - even to include sub folders and their contents (or not) in scrivenings view. I don’t just want the title but to see what is actually in the file. At least a paragraph or two.

Have you tried splitting the editor and having Scrivenings view in one and Outline view in the other?


Actually, I feel like a prize idiot. When I started this post I was not seeing what I am now seeing as standard behavior. For some reason when I was seeing a folder, nothing was showing but an empty editor view. Now, doing the same thing does give me exactly what I was asking for as a feature. So … never mind.

I wondered if that is what had happened, when I read over this thread last night. Basically folders have an invisible “preference” for how you look at them, which in practice means that if you switch to Corkboard view it will use the same view the next time you click on a folder. But it is also possible to turn off the group view and simply view the folder as text file in the editor (and really it is a special kind of file, you can even convert folders to files and vice versa). You haven’t typed anything into the folder’s text area, so it came up blank, just like a new file would when you first create it.

The thing is, the lack of a group view is also considered a part of that persistent preference—after all someone might want it to work that way for a while without having to repetitively switch Corkboard (or whatever) off when clicking from one folder to the next. So at some point you clicked the Scrivenings button one too many times (the second click turns it off and just shows the folder text alone) or the Cmd–1 shortcut, and that got stuck as your preference. Now that you’ve got it back, it should stay that way until you change it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for explaining this. Now I don’t feel like a total idiot. Maybe 85%. :wink: