Folder disappeared from binder

I created a new folder (chapter) and added a text to it. After writing the content I realized I wanted to move the entire chapter up above the previous chapter. I tried drag and drop but the folder wouldn’t move. I used the up arrow key and the folder moved up into the previous chapter. I wasn’t sure what to do so I clicked on Un Group and the chapter disappeared! I checked the directory structure and the .rtf file is still there (thank goodness). How do I get the folder back into the binder in the place I want it to be?

Thank you

That’s strange, the software should not have allowed you to “ungroup” a folder all by itself. Did the folder have text documents within it (I wasn’t sure if you meant by saying you added text to it if you typed into the folder’s text editor, or some file within it)? Either way, they should just be right there in the Binder. Ungrouping doesn’t delete anything, it just moves the child items out of the folder—and even leaves the folder in case you had meta-data or notes written to it.

If you can figure out how to make stuff disappear when ungrouping like that, I’d love to set the steps it takes to make it happen.

As for finding things, have you tried searching for some of the text you wrote using the search toolbar? You can right-click on search results and use the “Move To” sub-menu to place them back where they should be.