Folder display in iOS

It’d be nice if, as with BigScrivener, folders with contents displayed as a stack rather than just a single card.

Have you tried clicking “Expand” on the folder?

I get that I can see inside it in the Binder. I’m talking about how it looks on the corkboard. Thanks!

The icon on the top left of an index card on the Corkboard does display a stacked set of cards when it is the top card of a stack of documents. Once recognized, found this a nice way of presenting this info in IOS.

In Corkboard view, a folder with content has an icon with a stacked set of papers in the bottom corner, but think you may be asking about the stacked set of documents.

Thanks, I’ll look next time I’m in there. on the Mac, the card itself looks like a stack of cards. That’s more visible and obvious, I would suggest.

That is true. But whether a design decision made by choice or because of IOS limitations, I find it an elegant presentation of this information on the IOS platform.

Unquestionably on my Mac monitor or laptop 13" screen it’s good to have the cards themselves also show the stack, as the icon in the subject line is not as easily seen as on the iPad and so presents a more subtle and less easily seen difference between a single card and a stacked set. But with the iPad, the screen is in your hand and the distinction between an icon that shows a single card and stacked set is immediately apparent. So with the iPad, this implementation works well for me, and I see it is a more modern and elegant presentation of this information.

In some sense, I would say less is more in this instance.

I completely appreciate though that your sense of wanting the cards themselves to present a stack is perfectly reasonable and may be the right answer – all about individual preference and the way we each see things on the screen. One thing you can try if you want that more obvious queue that you are looking for to indicate a stacked set of cards, is to set up a “Top of Stack Card” label with a distinct color to use to apply to these cards, and then you can select for the Corkboard to show label color on the cards, which will give you your more obvious and immediate visual reference.