Folder document is not compiled


When I compile documents in a folder, the folder’s own document is not included. On the other hand, when I compile draft documents, it also includes folder document. I think it’s normal to include folder document itself, is it right?

Try after toggling Compile Current Group Only at the compile panel Output settings.

I have tried three cases as below.

  1. Compile Draft Folder
  2. Compile Subfolder
    2.1. Check the Compile Current Group Only option
    2.2. Do not check the Compile Current Group Only option

:clipboard: 1. and 2.2. have the same results. And 2.1. does not contain folder document.

I’ve not read any L&L documentation on the Compile Current Group Only feature, but I think what you’re (and I am) experiencing is expected behavior.

My thought has been that it is intentionally coded in a way to give one the option to use document folder text as a repository for notes-to-self, and the like, or use it in compile output.

I could be wrong about that. Maybe L&L support will chime in, or you could ask them directly via their contact page.

Thank you for your answer, scshrugged.

The results above are when the Include in Compile option is selected in the document settings. Therefore, the results of the same attempt without checking the option are as follows.

Compilation results should depend on the option to include documents in the compilation, but when I compile a folder separately, the results are not as expected.

Thank you for offering a wider vision of compile. My own is more narrow. Since my understanding and usage of iOS compile is limited, I shouldn’t have posted before more experimentation (haven’t the time, now). I hope I haven’t detracted from your presentation.