Folder & file titles: how to disable them


is it possible to remove titles of files/folders when looking the doc from a folder?

ie. I have Folder -> Chapter1, chapter2 files.
When I look the content from chapter1 I dont see the file title.
When I look the content from Folder I see a little file title with a grey background (which is taken from the file name).

I want to get rid of this little file title with a grey background, so when i copy/past the content of an entire folder I dont end up with a double title problem (the one written by me and the littel one with grey background taken from the file title).


Format->Options->Show Titles in Scrivenings mode is the setting you’re looking for. Make sure that’s not turned on, and you’ll be able to get rid of the titles there.

I found out also that uncheking Title under Formatting (compile) does the job.

Thank you.

To be clear, these two settings are not connected. If you disable titles in the compile window, it will not remove the titles as shown when you select multiple documents and view them inside Scrivener.