Folder for documents Scrivener links to


I started using Scrivener to write articles for scientific journals, because I have something of a writing problem and this software really helps me organize my thoughts. It also lets me write in a way that is a lot more natural to me, ie jumping from text part to text part as I remember to add a little bit of information in another part of the article. I must say I love this software.

Nowadays, I also use it to keep track of my projects. I have binders with PDF documents, notes from meetings, logbooks of what I do, everything. I also have links to PPT files that were presented during meetings, and this is where I see a possible improvement. Scrivener imports PDF files into its own directory structure, same with images and directly imports text files: this means I just have to carry the project folder to a new computer and I have all of those things. PPT however, are just a link: if I move them around on the computer or change the filename for some reason, I lose the link.

So I wonder if it would be possible to have a folder, inside the directory structure of a Scrivener project, where those files could be stored. I’m still quite happy with having a link that opens PPT, but I it would be a lot simpler if all the files I linked in a given Scrivener project were carried around with that Scrivener project.

Thanks for bringing us the most useful piece of software I have seen in quite a while!

Unsupported items like PPT files can be imported into the binder just like PDFs and images, which copies the file into the project folder; you just can’t view them in Scrivener’s editor and so the editor provides a link to open the file in its default program. The file itself however is part of the project, so will transfer from machine to machine along with everything else.

This option should be set by default, but you can check by going into Tools > Options and ensuring that in the Import/Export tab, “Import supported file types only” is not selected.

Thanks for the tip, I unchecked the “import supported file types only” and it seems to work just fine. I must have checked it by mistake when I installed the software and started playing with the options.