Folder has become file

Hi - when dragging a document, it landed actually in my Research folder by mistake. Now, although I’ve deleted all the text from it, the Research icon is still showing as a file rather than a folder. How can I change it back to a folder? Convert > still shows it as a folder, incidentally.
I’m nervous of moving anything as all my current work is in this folder - but should I just create a new Research folder and move everything into that?

Thanks for advice -

Slightly paranoid writer


I’m not quite sure what you mean - the Research folder can’t be deleted, can’t hold text, and can’t become a file. You can drag text documents inside it, of course, but if you did that accidentally then you could just have dragged the file out again, so I think I must not quite understand. Could you please post a screenshot to show the problem?

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OK I’ll try and work out how to a screenshot!

OK think I’ve done it - screenshot shows what was my Research Folder icon now looking like a double page spread with three of my documents inside the ‘folder’
Screen Shot 2011-11-03 at 19.38.17.png

PS Scrolling down I’ve found there is text within this double page spread-like folder but it won’t let me delete it.


That double-page spread icon is the standard research folder icon - that’s how it’s supposed to look. There will be no text in it - I see it has some PDF files in it, but that’s fine. What were you expecting it to look like, and what do you mean about the text in it?


Oh dear - apologies.
What I think I am seeing is lines of text from folders below (not the PDFs obviously) separated by a black line. I haven’t used Scrivener for a while - I presume this is an updated feature as I don’t remember it in my earlier version.

Ah, right! If you updated from 1.x recently, that makes sense, as the Research folder icon has changed in 2.0 and also, yes scrivenings looks a bit different (with black lines between texts rather than an alternating background colour).

You might want to take a look at the 10-minute introductory video on our Videos page just to reorient yourself quickly.

Glad you figured it out!

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Will do - thanks for speedy reply and patience!