Folder item count in 3.0.1?

I haven’t seen how to enable item counts in the binder. Is it still possible to see how many documents are in each folder?

View > Outline > Show Subdocument Counts in Binder.

BTW (and this isn’t meant as a criticism, just as a useful tip if you weren’t already aware of it), if you’re looking for a particular feature, then all Mac programs have a feature on the Help menu to search the program’s menus items. E.g. if you enter ‘Count’ into the Help Search Bar, it shows you a list of menu items containing that word, including the command above.

This is usually the best first step in finding if a program has a particular feature or not.


Thanks. I looked all over, including the help menu, but apparently not with the magic word “count.” Or maybe I saw the “Outline” item and thought it applied to outlines. Anyway, it works now, and I thank you.