Folder Names in TOC

Hi, I have a book that has a Prologue and an Epilogue that was created in Scrivener 2. I have my folders named Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two, and so on. I had my project set up in Scrivener 2 so that when I compiled the TOC, it would just pull the names of the folders and not do anything automatically. However, I can’t seem to get it to do this in Scrivener 3. It keeps auto-generating the chapter names in both the TOC and the chapters themselves. How can I get it to just pull the folder names? Thanks!

Open your Compile dialog. ctrl-click on the name of the compile format you’re using. Choose Edit Format… (or if that’s greyed out, Duplicate & Edit Format…) Tap on “Document Title Links” to get to the settings you need.

If you haven’t yet,I found that taking time to work through the Upgrade Guide:

was well worth the effort. Compile is so different that it took me some re-learning to get it, but it’s so much more useful now there’s little comparison.

Mine’s the same. I have that section checked, but in my novel, the titles for my epilogue and acknowledgments, are chapter sixteen and chapter seventeen. This isn’t the case in the default set up; it works just fine. However, trying to format for a 5x8 novel is stressing me out. Scrivener 2 used to do it with no problems.