Folder not appearing in Binder with pull down option "add"

is this a program fault in the mac version when the Folder is not appearing in the Binder with the pull down option “add” ? what am i missing here? please advice asap. just purchased copy of scrivener and need to know if it is useful (or not).


Answer: It is useful. Very useful. :wink:

There are two contextual menus associated with Binder items. You get one by control-clicking on the icon in the binder, you get the other by clicking on the title of the item.*

BTW, you know you can add a document into a folder just by hitting Return, right? Or hitting command-N. Or the plus button on the bottom of the Binder pane. Using the contextual menu associated with a folder in the Binder seems to me like the least handy way to create a document! Just saying.


P.S. Welcome to Scrivener and the Scrivener community. Your life will never be the same.

  • The means of getting these two diff menus is helpfully changed up (so as to avoid this very confusion) in the upcoming Scriv 3.0.

Have you gone through the Interactive Tutorial (under the Help menu)? Just in case you haven’t - in getting to know Scrivener and its various features, it’s the most useful thing you can do.

As regards your specific question, if you press and hold the “Add” button in Scrivener’s tool-bar, you’ll be presented with a drop-down menu from which you can choose “New Folder”.

:stuck_out_tongue: Super Thank YOU