Folder Specific Custom Backgrounds for Freeform Corkboard

Hey, Great Job on the update to 2.0!

I’m late getting to it, for some reason, didn’t get emails about the upgrade, but I’m very happy to see it.

Love the Freeform Corkboard, Index Colors, such a great update!

I did immediately have one request…

I have charts that I design my story to: one for plot, one for characters, and so on.

I am able to reference one chart as a custom background in corkboards and arrange the index cards freeform with that chart in the background. I love it, it’s great!

Except that when I switch over to my characters folder, I still see the plot chart in the background. I know I can change that, by changing the custom bkgnd again to the character chart, but when I switch BACK to the plot folder… You get the idea.

I would find it really useful if a folder could have its own custom background. Perhaps the custom background could either be project wide or folder specific?

Thanks for considering it.


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As for the wish, Keith will have to respond to that one.


Glad you’re enjoying 2.0 for the most part!

As for folder-specific backgrounds, I won’t rule it out completely, but it’s not something I really want to implement at the moment. There was another request recently for text-specific background colours, too, or project-specific text background colours. Although neither is a bad idea, there are a couple of things that make me reluctant to implement them:

  1. It adds more options - and there are already lots! (The biggest complaint from new users is that there are too many options.)

  2. These features would bring with them extra support requests from users who wonder why the background of their corkboard keeps changing. (No matter how deliberate you think you’ve made an option, you’ll still get lots of users somehow turn it on by accident. :slight_smile: )

It would also be quite fiddly adding an interface to choose a particular background colour or image for each and every folder (and thus for each file, seeing as any file can act as a container).

Thanks and all the best,

Hi KB,

Thanks so much for your direct response.

I see how you were thinking of the custom background as a system wide option, but - if I can make one more case for it - now that I’ve worked with the new release for a week or so, I would really love it to be a more specific part of “my data processing” - meaning my own process for creating my story.

Being able to have a folder specific background for freeform corkboarding would be accomplish this.

I do understand the potential for confusion, and the added weight to tech support, but perhaps the contextual menu for folders is the solution. If holding down the control key, brought up the specific custom background option, it seems like it would be obvious that this function was only affecting a specific folder.

I know everyone interprets “obvious” things differently, I’m just hoping to sell you on adding the function :smiley:

The last request I have is related to the freeform cork board… I was disappointed that, when I duplicated a folder, the placement of documents on the freeform cork board within that folder was lost.

I would love to inspire that to change.

Losing all that work of positioning notes in the duplicate folder is tragic.

Not being able to start with a true duplicate and work from there makes the freeform cork board much less functional.

It would be incredibly useful if the freeform positions of documents within a folder stayed the same after duplicating the folder.

Thanks so much for your time on this matter, and it is truly great that you read these posts yourself.

Take care,


Hi David,

Although I’m still not sold on custom backgrounds, you certainly have a point about the freeform positions being lost when a folder is duplicated. This was an oversight, really, down to the way positions get stored internally. I’ve added it to the list for investigation.


Thanks so much, KB!

Look forward to that update!


I’m not sure if this request has died a natural death, but can I add my “me too” for project-specific customisable colours, please, especially in Editor? I often work on multiple projects simultaneously – such as several issues of a comic, or a script, story bible, and a novel for the same story – and I keep them all open and maximised while I switch back and forth between them. Being able to colour-code backgrounds or toolbars so I can identify them quickly when I hit F3 (or look for the top of another toolbar) would be a godsend. I can change label colours in the Binder on a project by project basis, so being stuck with one universally-applied set of background colours for text, notes, and so on made me wonder if I’d just not worked out how to customise it.

I admit that one of the things I’ve never liked since switching to Mac is the one-colour-fits-all approach for application toolbars etc. I’m forever closing the wrong application or file simply because I struggle to see which is which. So I’m always looking for ways to tweak applications to make them more easily distinguishable, either from other apps or between multiple open files.

Karen Traviss