Folder sync and multimarkdown

Hi all!

I got unreasonably excited when I saw that the new version for Windows included external folder sync. But I’ve run into a hiccup.

I like to use plain text editors, particularly on my Android tablet. So I synced my project into dropbox for that purpose. But if I sync as plain text, all my formatting (I’m really only concerned about italics at this point) goes away. And if I sync as rtf, my italics are preserved but I can’t use plain text editors. And I can’t find any decent rtf editors for Android.

I did some googling around and found that you’re supposed to be able to “Convert bolds and italics to multimarkdown” from the Format menu, which would solve my problem. But that option doesn’t appear in my menu, which makes me suspect it’s mac-only. Is that correct?

Do I have any option at all other than manually going through my entire project and putting markdown syntax on my italics? Folder sync is useless to me if I can’t preserve my precious italics.


What do you mean with “Folder sync”?

I mean syncing your project with text files in an external folder. It’s been a feature of the Mac version for a long time, but only just got added to Windows in the latest update.

Okay, a question not at all related to today’s release of the iOS version of Scrivener. :slight_smile:

In that case I’ll leave your question to someone with Windows. I run Mac…

Not, not related to ios. Don’t own any ios devices and don’t want to! :slight_smile:

But the meat of the question, briefly, is: can I automatically convert all bolds and italics to multimarkdown in the Windows version?

EDIT: I notice that my compile options also don’t include the “Covert markdown to bold and italics” checkbox that is apparently present in the Mac version. This kind of makes using markdown pointless on Windows.

Unfortunately Scrivener for Windows does not have this option. To manually find and convert your italics, you might try Edit > Find > Find by Formatting and choose “Character Format” from the drop down combo-box menu. Sorry for the missing Mac feature.

Well, all I can say is… Ugh.

Can’t see any way to fit folder sync into my workflow anymore. I am less happy.

We managed to implement this feature, and hopefully with the next update you will have a big smile on your face. :wink: You will not be waiting too long.

I just spent the last hour searching around for a good way to sort this out, and then decided to check back here on a whim to see if anybody else had suggestions.

But who needs suggestions when you guys just went ahead and made it work?!

You are awesome! Thank you!

This is available in the new update v1.9.6.0. Hope it works fine for you, DMSinclair! Happy writing.