Folder sync between Scrivener 2 and 3

Anticipating the release of Scrivener 3, I’m wondering how the folder sync will work between Scrivener 3 and 2. Currently I have El Capitan installed on both my primary and secondary computers. I intend to update my primary Mac to High Sierra, but I cannot update my secondary Mac any further and hence I wouldn’t be able to run Scrivener 3 on it. I believe the Scrivener project file format will change with version 3 which means I wouldn’t be able to open updated projects on my secondary computer. My question is, will the folder sync work between the two Scrivener versions so that I can work with two projects syncing with the same folder: the other project being in the Scrivener 2 format and the other project in the Scrivener 3 format? Are there any caveats to this?

Folder sync has never worked as a method of keeping two different copies of a project synchronised with one another, and nothing will be changing about that. The problem is that these loose files must be accounted for internally (using the number at the end of the file name). Even between same versions of the software that would inevitably lead to cross-wiring because over time these internal numbers will diverge simply by using the binder at a very basic level. So as much you don’t want to do that between two 2.x projects, it would be even worse with 3 as that will be using a different form of internal addressing—in fact we changed the filenaming convention slightly to account for this, so that it is not even possible to accidentally sync files from an older version of the project.

Thanks, I feared as much after reading the manual. I won’t be messing up. The new features will probably outweigh the loss of Scrivener on the older machine.

Yeah, alas that will be the case. Well you can at least use the folder sync feature as it was designed and edit the text files it creates, on the older machine—even if you can’t use Scrivener on it, you can at least get your thoughts and adjustments back to it without a bunch of loose notes.

If I buy an iPad Pro this year, and buy Scrivener 3 (iOS version) for it via the App Store, does this mean I won’t be able to work on or update the Scrivener 2 projects on my Mac where I intend to continue running Mavericks?

There isn’t a separate iOS format, it loads the project directly and can handle both formats. Beyond that, the project on the device would either open in 3 or 2 but not both, so you couldn’t use it as a kind of “bridge” if that is what you mean.

Right, so if I only used Scrivener 2 on my Mac, I could still work on projects on a new device running some form of Scrivener, then reopen them on the Mac? In other words, I could use my Mac with Scrivener 2, AND open them on an iPad without involving Scrivener 3 at all?

Yes. That’s essentially the situation now, as the current version of iOS Scrivener is already compatible with the Scriv 3 format.


Great! Thanks Katherine.