folder sync?

the challenge is to sync drafts with IA Writer.

currently I use Scrivenetr folder sync for this and v2 does not support folders named “Writer”.

so I made 2 automator programs, one that syncs the Writer folder to Draft and one that syncs Draft to Writer.
When I press the wrong actions I am somewhat in trouble. So I wonder how I can sync these 2 folders. I tried Synkron but that is awkward, so is SyncTwoFolders. Is there any good way, like making a script which is checking for newest version and then running the appropriate one of my two automator programs?

The problem is mainly that iA Writer does not yet support subfolders - you really wouldn’t want all of your Scrivener project text ending up in one folder with the rest of your iA Writer stuff, as it could cause a lot of problems.

The developers of iA Writer inform me that subfolder support is on their list and coming, though, so as soon as iA Writer adds this, the problem will be solved.

I was just asking how to sync two folders, but never mind.

I ran into various problems trying to get iA Writer to work with folder sync, and finally just decided to wait until they release folder browsing support—which they have announced is on the list of things they are developing. I switched to PlainText as it is free and does browse Scrivener’s export structure. Once Writer comes out with an update I’ll probably switch back because I prefer their keyboard layout.

And I was just explaining that you may not need to do this for much longer, and also why Scrivener can’t sync to a single “Writer” folder - which I thought may be of interest, but clearly not. So yes, never mind, I’ll mind my own business then. :frowning:

KB now I feel sorry for you.

Amber: I found IA Writer compatible with my approach to folder sync, just that my approach is cumbersome, but the files were read without issues as long as adhering to UTF-8.

Why do you feel sorry for KB? He decided not to reciprocate and engage in passive/aggressive behavior–I don’t think that is anything to feel sorry for. In fact, I think a round of applause is in order.

thanks jana very valuable input