Folder syncing software?

Trying to avoid the whole flash-drive tango of shuttling project files between two computers, and cognizant of risk human error risk in opening the wrong file, I wonder if there’s any good folder syncing software out there.

I’m looking for software that I assign a folder on each computer, and then manually, or automatically, it would sync the folders replacing older versions of files with the most recent. This would have have to work over a WIFI or ethernet network. And, ideally, it would archive the older versions of the files before updating them.


That’s pretty much the way all synching software works. If you visit one of the software archives, like VersionTracker, and enter “synch” or “synchronize” as search terms, you’ll see the Mac products and also read comments from users.

My personal choice is Synchronize! X Plus, which is ideal for backing up the Home folder to an external hard drive. The company is Qdea, and it has other products to use for network backup.

if you are not afraid of unix you can use the OSX supplied rsync. A little scripting and apple script work and you are all set.

I use ChronoSync, which can start out simple and get more complicated as you refine your system. … loads.html

If you can navigate to it with Finder, ChronoSync lets you drop a folder into a rule box, which really helps on those long path names.

rsync is a great little utility if you’re not afraid of the command line - it’s a Unix utility, included in OS X by virtue of the BSD core. You can find plenty of in-depth documentation on how to use RSync on the internet (or just type ‘man rsync’ in the terminal).

Do either Synchronize! X plus or ChronoSync allow for non-destruction of files, so that before updating a file from the other computer it can be archived in some way?

I’ve been using ChronoSync and a flash drive for a while now. I have it set to autosync on both my desktop and laptop when I mount the flash drive. Of course, you can set up CS to work between the desktop and laptop directly. For my personal workflow, the flash drive shuttle and autosync was less hassle.


ChronoSync does have an incremental archiving feature, yes. You can set the number of revisions to keep as well as how long to keep those copies. It does have restore functionality from those archived revs.

You can also set it to run applescripts before and/or after the sync, if you have a need for something like that.