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is it possible to have some kind of Folder target, maybe managing to make scrivener deals with ‘words’ column and ‘progress’ in outliner view as ‘total words’ does for folders?

I mean, for every folder, counting all the words in the documents inside it, taking in account a general target for the folder itself.

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Paolo D

Aggregated target tracking for portions of a draft are not currently possible, though you can visually keep track of a folder’s word count by selecting it in the binder and then invoking Scrivenings mode (the left-most icon in the Group View segmented control on the toolbar; or View/Scrivenings). This will combine the folder text, and all of the text in its descendants too, into a single editing session with a unified word count.

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You can use project targets on a single folder if the folder is selected as the current group in Compile, though.

You can also achieve something like this just setting up the proper columns in the outliner; you might want to check out this thread.

Quite right. Make sure you have this option turned on though; it isn’t by default:

Thank you to all.

I’m writing an essay (I did my thesis centuries ago!) and I use a lot the outliner view to organize snippets of text. It would be very useful to me to know at a glance, which chapters (folders, in my organization) need work and which ones are just place-holder. So the progress bar per folder would be the optimum…

Yes, please!

Paolo D

Even though this topic is a few weeks old, I’ll chime in. I find the following behavior incredibly counterintuitive:

  • I can set a target word count for a folder and target word counts for the documents it contains. Awesome.
  • When I write in one of the documents, the progress bar in the Outliner fills up as i approach the target word count. Awesome.
  • As I write in one of the documents, the containing folder’s Total Word Count goes up. Awesome.
  • But when I write in one of the documents, the containing folder’s progress bar in the Outliner doesn’t fill up, even if Total Word Count for the folder is greater than the folder’s target word count. WTF?

This behavior should be consistent. The current behavior breaks my ability to do reasonable time estimates without accounting for Scrivener’s weirdness.

Either the target word count for a folder should be auto-calculated from the target word counts of the documents it contains, and the folder’s progress bar should move accordingly; OR if the target word count for a folder is manually settable, its progress bar should fill up as the total word count for the folder’s contents approaches the folder target.

There’s really no need to swear, abbreviated or not…

The progress bar is for the folder contents, not for its subdocuments. These are separate things. A folder can have textual contents.

It seems that you have missed that folders are just special types of text file that can contain text too. Select a folder and deselect the group view in the segmented control in the toolbar to see what I mean. That is what is being counted in by the progress bar. It might be worth taking a quick look at the tutorial again to refresh your memory - see the end of Step 6 which explains this and then the textual content of the beginning of Part 2 in particular. (Note I didn’t say “RTFM”. :slight_smile: )

Perhaps you are asking for a new feature, “Total Progress”? If you hadn’t sworn at me, I might be conducive to such an idea. I might still be… :slight_smile:

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For the benefit of others, I’m going to assume WTF stands for “Word Total Folder”.

RTFM probably stands for “Ready To Facilitate Members”.