Folder "Total Target" Bug?

I think this is a bug, but since I’m new to Scrivener, maybe I’m doing something wrong…

I can go to Project->Project Targets and set the Total Word Target for the Entire Document, but I’m unable to do it for individual Folders (in the Outline).

For instance, if I have a 3 Act Structure and want a Total Target (word count) for each Act (and all sub-folders), how/where can I set the target?

In Outline View, I can change the “Title and Synopsis”, “Label”, “Status”, “Section Type”, but when I try to change “Total Target”, it doesn’t allow me to change it from “0”. Shouldn’t I be able to? Is that a bug?

Thank you.

The folder target progress is the summation of the document targets within that folder. You can set targets for the Draft (Manuscript) folder which is the total project word count, total session targets, as well as targets for the individual documents, but the folders only display the total word count for the documents within that folder.

The “Total Progress” doesn’t show anything; it’s blank.

“Total Target” is a different field on each line of the Outline, If it can’t be changed from “0”, why’s it there?

I attached a picture so you can see what I’m seeing.

Maybe I’m just not understanding it…

Try this (annotation 1): This is a test novel with parts project. The documents have Lorem Ipsum text to show the progress on the document targets (500 words per scene). You will note that the individual targets for the folders show 0 words. The folder’s total progress and total word counts show the summation of the document counts.

In outline mode, you can set the folder target. It requires you to click on that field twice to bring up the counter. (Annotation 2)

Hi MaierWerx,

In addition to Jestar’s generous guidance–

If you haven’t already, you might want to take a look at the user manual, section 20.1 Goals and Statistics Tracking Tools. I rarely use these features, so can’t help you with it much myself, but I just read that section and it seems fairly straightforward. I think it might clear up some of your questions and possibly preempt others you may have soon… :slight_smile:


Just to reiterate what others have said. The Total target field for a folder is a summation of the targets of the documents inside that folder. You have to set the targets for the documents and they will then be added up.


Perfect, thank you!
I was missing the some of the fields in Outline Mode. Once I enabled fields in Outliner Options like “Target” and “Total Words”, the rest of it fell into place.

I appreciate your help!

Cool. Glad it worked for you. Also check out the User Manual that Jim mentioned above.

Like Jim, I typically don’t use those functions very much (too much pressure on me now, I don’t need Scrivener notifying me that I’ve been bad and missed yet another deadline :blush: ) but the tools are there if you need them.