Folder view mode lock?

Hi! I’ve been using Scrivener for a couple months now and I adore it. This is the first thing I’ve posted because I haven’t had much to say until now…

I was wondering if it would be possible to “pin” a folder in a certain view. There are some folders in my projects that I look at pretty much solely in Scrivenings view, and there are others that I use solely in corkboard view. (I don’t use the Outliner very much, but the same thing applies.) As it is, whenever I switch to a certain view, Scrivener remembers and applies the same view to whichever folder I click next. This is handy, but not when I’m trying to switch between folders I use only in corkboard and folders I use only in scrivenings. I was wondering if a feature could possibly be put in to allow users to lock a particular folder in the corkboard view, for example. (And then unlock it if they decide they want to see the outliner view or whatever else.)

I hope this isn’t a repeat question! Thanks so much for all the work you’ve put in so far, I really love the product and will definitely be paying for a copy when it’s released. :slight_smile: