Folder with/without Target and Process Bar[FIXED]

It is only 1st of November and I’m bringing about a handful of ‘bugs’

  1. I had set a target for several Text of my prologue (inside the same folder) – so far all fine.
  2. I had set a total-target for my prologue-folder: In scrivenings-mode it works fine, it tallies al separate wordcounts, but in outline-mode it sums up to ZERO. #bug1
  3. I also assign manually a target of 75000 to my Draft-folder.
  4. In scrivenings-mode of all, it nicely shows 2327/75000 and 3%
  5. next I move up to my Prologue-folder in scrivenings-mode and it fills to 100% with 2327/2300 (the manual set folder target of point 2)
  6. I assign 15000 to my Chapter1-folder, and add an new Text or Folder to it.
  7. From draft, I move to that single Text, or any other Folder (without a Target) and it tells me I’m at 3% with 0 words written – it assumes the target of the previous visited target. #bug2
    8 ) I go to the Chapter1-folder and go again back to the single Text and now it shows the ‘expected’ 0% of its parent-target.
  8. Additionally it says I’ve finished Chapter1 its child Text when I briefly visited one of my Prologue Texts.

(I guess it should, or reset of giving any process-status for unassigned Texts/Folders, or it should generate/inherit its score of its parent, instead of the previous visit)

  1. I also belief an Target-unassigned folder should calculate an average percentage when its children has assigned Targets. #feature-request