Folders and Text Notes

I know how to add a text note. I know how to add a folder.

How do I add a folder/text note?

Meaning, I have a large document now (started using Scrivener earlier this week) and I notice that one of my top level folders looks different. The folder icon itself has what looks like a little text document in its bottom right corner.

And true to form, when I tap on that folder I can type text and I think it is going into the ‘textual’ portion of the folder.

How do I create one of those?


Does anyone have any good strategies for choosing between folders or parent level notes for breaking up their documents? I’m not sure if there are inherent advantages in either.

On that same note, if I have SECTIONS in my formal, white-paper style document, I find myself creating a folder for each section and then creating a top level note in each folder that has something simple - like the section title … after which I include notes that have the subsections themselves. Often each of these have sub-section titles themselves. Is that what most folks do? Is that normal? Is there a better way?

I guess you can see where the first question comes in then … I think I’d like to more directly associate some text with the folder itself instead of having this leading text snippet with nothing but a title or something.

Thanks in advance,

Wow - I just answered my own question #1. I just need to type text into the editor while looking at the folder and whalah, text appears in the folder icon.

Just like it does for the text icons as well.

Well, so, any takers on best practices and the essence of question #2?


Hi Luther,

Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you how you organise things, and whether you use folders or text documents containing other text documents. The main differences between text files and folders are:

  • Folders open in “Group mode” by default. So, if you select corkboard mode while viewing a folder, whenever you click on another folder, it will also open in corkboard mode (until you change the group mode). With text documents, though, they always open in text mode. (Although, the first option in the Navigation pane of the Preferences allows text documents with subdocuments to be treated like folders, so this difference can be removed.)

  • Compile settings allow you to apply different settings for folders and text documents. (Although this will blur more in the future.)

Ultimately, I wouldn’t worry about it too much - just use whichever feels natural to you. The main thing to know in this regard is that folders really are just a special type of text document, and you can convert freely between folders and text documents at any time using Documents > Convert to File/Folder. So if you change your mind down the line, you can just select a bunch of documents and convert them to either text documents or folders.

All the best,