Folders, corkboard and how to turn a scene into folder again.

I had three folders with about eight scenes each. I was trying to view the corkboard for all three folders and scenes at once. somehow the top folder disappeared and looked like a scene (two pages side by side next to my title instead of the folder. ) All of my scenes that were individual are now gone and all together instead of separate. I am so frustrated with this. I can’t figure out how to undo this. This was after spending two weeks sorting through all the issues I had with this program. What did I do wrong? Why couldn’t I have viewed all of my files on the corkboard at once? I think I’m going to find another program where one click doesnt screw me out of another two weeks of work. I really don’t understand how to fix this now, or even if it is possible. Anyone understand how to fix this? Or even what my problem is?

Hello Georgiene,
To sort out your folders and scenes it may be easiest to enlarge your binder font a little so everything is clearer. If you wish to do this then;

Select Tools / Options / Appearance. Go to the Fonts box at the bottom of the menu page . Click general and then select binder. Now click the middle box marked select Font and just increase the size using the box on the right. Okay all that and your binder should be much easier to work with.

Select one of your folders, or a folder if they have merged. Now make sure you are in document or outline view, not scrivenings or cork board, Right click and a menu should appear select Ungroup. This will pull it all apart. Do it for all of your folders until you are happy everything is split into individual documents and empty folders. Now just place your scenes back in the folders you want them to be in using either drag and drop ( should be easier now you have a bigger binder view) or try using the keyboard short cut which is more positive, Ctrl key and the direction arrow keys.

Once you think you have a reasonable understanding of the tutorial, make a test project using the simplest setting which is blank. Name it test or whatever and then just play with it. Maybe adding a folder or two and some scenes, then jiggle them around and experiment. Anything goes wrong = dump it and make another. Once you have learned Scrivener, you will wonder how you managed without it. Good luck.