Folders disappeared on my new computer

My computer died, and I have a new one. My WIP was on Dropbox, so as far as I know I didn’t lose any data.
On my old computer, and on my iPad now, the WIP is arranged into six folders called parts. Each part is divided into several subfolders, used as chapters, and each chapter has one or more scenes.
On my new Mac Mini, the chapter-level subfolders have disappeared. The text files within all seem to be there. On my iPad, the chapter subfolders are still there.
Also, a folder of queries and synopses outside of the manuscript has disappeared, but at least some of it is in Recovered Files.
Is there any way I can get my subfolders back? Is there anything I should avoid doing? I’m afraid of syncing the error to the iPad and losing my subfolder organization.
OSX Venture, 13.2, Scrivener 3.2.3.

Sound like without knowing more or looking, that the Dropbox folder on the MacMini is not set for “make available offline” and indeed Dropbox has kept some of the files online. A hunch, and this discussed in this forum very often. Search for more info. And see Make your Dropbox files available offline - Dropbox Help for more authoritative guidance than me! :wink:

That’s a good thought, but making the files available offline did not help. But I don’t know, and can’t easily figure out, what files Scrivener is looking for besides the main file.

There is no “main file”. You need everything.

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All of your description sounds like you did not put your Scrivener project itself on Dropbox, because you should not be seeing it in pieces like separate files (maybe you were unwittingly using Sync to External Folder??). Either that or you are trying to view and reconstruct your project element by element through the Dropbox web interface or something — which you should not do and needn’t.

If you have a new Mac, set up Dropbox app on that. In setting that up, you will give it your dropbox account info. Then it will sync with the Dropbox server and create a Dropbox folder on your Mac. Let it sync and then look in the Dropbox folder on your Mac which will have in it whatever dropbox has of yours. Your Scriv project should appear in the dropbox folder on your Mac as a single file (bundle).

If it does not, then you either did not sync/store your actual scriv project on Dropbox, or something else bad happened.


P.S. You are learning the hard way why a sync service is no substitute for having a backup practice.