Folders for Project Bookmarks

I like dragging URLs into my Project Bookmarks list, because I rarely need to download/save a website and it keeps file sizes small. Plus, I can click the Toolbar Button and use Quicklook to… well… quickly look. It’s a great feature.

Unfortunately, the lists can get a little long sometimes, so the ability to organise them in folders would be awesome.

Have you considered using binder items to store lists of bookmarks instead of Project Notes? You can create a card on the corkboard that exists solely to host a list of bookmarks. You can even give it a custom icon to help indicate its purpose, annotate the list on the synopsis, etc.

Need to look up a link on a topic without disturbing the editor? It’s not a problem, use Quick Search to look up the topic card, hit ⇧↩ on the search result to load in a Quick Reference panel, and hit ⌃⌥⌘N to show the Bookmark list (or use the pulldown in the top-right corner of the window if you prefer). You’ll only need to do that once per topic card—from that point onward Scrivener will remember you want to view the bookmark list for that item when loading it as a QR panel.

And don’t forget, binder items can be as universally available as Project Bookmarks, because they can be Project Bookmarks. :slight_smile: Hence you do already have in basic terms a folder implementation right now. Move your lists of URLs into topic cards, bookmark the topics instead of the URLs, and now you have this:

[size=80]Using a Quick Reference window with the Project Bookmarks sidebar and Document bookmarks inspector to browse larger lists of bookmarks.[/size]

You can get something like that by:

  1. Holding down the Option key on the Projects menu and selecting “Show Project Bookmarks as Quick Reference”, or pressing ⇧⌥⌘B.
  2. The aforementioned ⌃⌥⌘N to toggle Document Bookmarks on.

That is a stunningly elegant, flexible solution. Even better than the one I was after. Up until now I hadn’t really grasped the utility of the Quick Reference panel. Now I do.

Thank you, Amber.