Folders not behaving in Mountain Lion

I’ve been using Scrivener since it was in beta. I use 2.5 in Snow Leopard on an older (2005) iMac, and everything works just fine. But on a slightly newer (2009) iMac, using the same version (2.5) in Mountain Lion, folders are misbehaving. Instead of simply carrying the folder name, as normal, now when they are clicked on they display as a single page everything on every single file contained within the folder itself. If I try to wipe anything from the folder display, it disappears from the appropriate file inside. Any idea what’s happening?

That just sounds as though you have switched the folder to scrivenings mode. When a folder is selected, the group view mode selector in the toolbar shows three icons:

If the left one is selected, the contents of the folder are shown as though they were a single text documents (this is scrivenings mode); if the centre one is selected, the contents are shown as index cards on a corkboard; if the right one is selected, the contents are shown as an outline. If none are selected, the text of the folder itself is displayed.

All the best,

Hi, Keith:
Many thanks for that. Even though I’ve had the program all this time, I’ve only ever utilized the bare bones. About time, I think, I learned a few more features.