Folders & Text Files Compiling Question

Hello. My name is Kitara and while I’m not new to Scrivener, I have only used some of the basic features.

I need to compile my draft into a proof copy for editing and in the compiled proof I notice that several of my chapters show up blank. I wasn’t sure why, but then I realized that my text files are embedded into my folders so they show up empty, while the chapters that show the text files underneath the folders show the chapters in their entirety. How do I pull the text files out of the folders without having to add a new text file under the same folder, copy and paste from the embedded to the non-embedded text file, and then delete the embedded file?


Hello Kitara and welcome to the forum.

You can select each folder that has text embeded, right-click on it and choose “Convert to File” from the dropdown menu. Once the folder is converted to a file, rename it. Then create a new folder and drag the chapter file into that folder to nest inside it. It is important that the folder is in the same position in the document hierarchy in the binder as the folders that currently compile with the text so that they compile using the same section type and section layout when compiled.

I hope that helps.

As you have discovered, folders in Scrivener have a writable text area too.

Once you have got things sorted out as Karen suggests, there is something else you might want to do. You might want to tell Scrivener to just not show you the text area of folders when you click on those folders in the Binder. Then you won’t be tempted to put text there by accident!

The way you tell Scrivener that is by clicking on a folder in the Binder and then clicking on a View Mode choice on the toolbar: either the index card or outliner view mode, or (my own preferred) the Scrivenings variant of the editor view mode.

Once you make this choice for a selected folder, Scrivener will just remember that choice for folders generally (until you make a different such choice).

Thank you so much, Kazz. That did the trick!


Hi There. I haven’t done this yet but I definitely will. Thank you so much!


You’re most welcome, Kitara. I’m glad I could be of help.