Folders vs chapters vs parts vs text?

I’ve imported my work-in-progress into the novel-with-parts template. Right now it’s a long text document; tho I think I may want to break it up into chapters, and perhaps parts. But I’m not sure.

Is it easy to change folders into chapters? chapters into parts? and so on? I can’t figure out how to “indent” a Part so that it becomes a Chapter…nor how to reverse the process. Is it simply a matter of drag-and-drop?

The only difference between Chapter folders and Parts folders are what level they’re at in the binder. Also, you don’t indent folders to change that level, you put one “inside” the other, so that all folders at level 1 are Parts folders, and all folders under them are treated at Chapter folders for that part of the novel.

Try fiddling a little with a few folders and then compiling out to RTF (I’d move most of your writing out of the Manuscript folder first, just to make the output smaller while you experiment).

If you’re still confused, see if you can figure out where you start getting lost when reading the document titled “Novel Format,” which explains all of this much better than I can. If there’s some terminology that’s confusing, you might want to view one of the introductory videos available on the main site.

Thanks. It’s good to know I can fiddle with all this later, once I decide how I want to structure the story.

When I get to that point, if I still can’t figure it out, I’ll post another query.

Until then, Happy Writing to all!

“Indenting” and “outdenting” scrivenings is actually pretty simple. Say you have the following pieces at the same outline level in your binder:

Chapter N
Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3

What you do is you focus on the Scene 1, then press Shift-Down twice to select Scene 2 and Scene 3 as well and then you press Ctrl-Right. Et voila, the Scenes that were Chapter N’s siblings are now its children:

Chapter N
[list]Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3[/list:u]

Obviously, Ctrl-Left does the reverse. Ctrl-Up/Down changes the element’s place inside its parent folder, be it an actual folder or a file.
If you ever want do all this through the menu, it’s under Document→Move To. And remember, all the shortcuts can be changed in Tools→Options→Keyboard.

Thanks for the shortcuts; they work like a charm!