Folders with "." in name truncate after import

While dragging and dropping a folder structure to the Draft binder, if any of the folder names have a period “.” all text to right is truncated (not copied). To maintain the full folder name my work-around is either manual or to use a folder/file rename utility to remove any periods that might exist prior to copying over to Scrivener. Additional steps I’d prefer not take.

Attached is a screen capture with note to help visualize.


Actually, it’s from and including the final dot to the end.

So this:
xxxx.x - …txt
Becomes this:
xxxx.x - …

And this: (quotes added)
“xxx.x - .txt”
Becomes this: (note trailing blank)
"xxx.x - "

Obviously this is to remove the trailing file extent, .txt in these examples, it’s just not done for only legitimate extents.

I thought a workaround would be to add a dot to the file name but Windows doesn’t like that, thinks the file doesn’t exist. Also tried ), ] and - for the dot in “Tip 1.” still with no extent but those were treated as ‘media’ and would import into Research but not Draft but then other rules apply so they can’t be moved to Draft.

Looks like Windows and Scrivener really like those file extents unlike Unix/Linux.

See the import sections of the manual:
10.1.1 Supported File Formats
Scrivener supports the following text types for importing: