Folders within Folders Sync

I love the ability to sync my stuff to folders, however the current setup is a little frustrating. For example my folders within the binder get turned into files in the sync. Would it not be possible to allow them to be turned into folders to keep my different books seperate? I find myself writing two books using the same project because they are all apart of the same world, yet trying to seperate them on something like my iPad is frustrating.
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No, I’m afraid this isn’t possible because despite the superficial similarities between folders and files in the binder and files and folders in the Finder, they are actually very different. For instance, files and folders can be dragged into any order in the binder, but they can’t in the Finder; folders can have text associated with them in the binder, but not in the Finder; an image file could act as a folder in the binder, but never in the Finder; there are special folders in the binder and other rules; and so on. Trying to keep the binder in sync with a file system into which the user could have dragged anything could be dangerous, and the potential for data loss is too high.

Of course, if we get an iPad version up and running, then that would support the binder’s folder structure for syncing.

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Unless you’re working on both books simultaneously, creating a collection to limit which documents are in the sync should help. I regularly sync a project that has multiple books (with multiple drafts) and just update my “to sync” collection whenever I need to switch out what’s moving. If you don’t use the alphabetical sort to find documents by title, turning on the numbering so that the synced files stay in their binder order may also help you.