Folders won't let me write on them

It’s always been my custom to treat folders kind of like documents, to have certain information on them - for instance, a student’s name and interests and (in the Notes) photo.

But somehow a button got pressed and the view is different - I now see the contents of all the subfolders if I’m clicked into the folder - and new folders won’t let me write in them.

How do I go back to the way things were?

It sounds like you might have switched from Corkboard view to Scrivenings view.

If that’s what happened, then Section 4.2 of the manual will help you. It discusses the different views and how to switch between them.

Hope that helps,

It doesn’t, unfortunately, though thank you for the suggestion (which was, of course, the first thing I’d tried). Switching to corkboard just shows a corkboard. I’ve tried switching between the three views, and none of them brings it back to how it was. I think the problem is elsewhere.

I could have sworn I answered you earlier… hmm.

When you’re in cork board mode, and you click on the icon that takes you back to view the text of documents in your folder… try clicking that same button again. It’s like it has 2 different modes of its own; scrivenings mode (view the contents of documents contained in a folder) and single-document mode (view the text of the document selected only.)

You can also set Scrivener to always include the container’s text area in Scrivenings mode. Take a look at Scrivener->Preferences->Navigation. There should be an option in there that says something about and “enclosing group” being included in scrivenings mode, if I recall correctly (I’m at a Windows computer right now, and the options are sometimes slightly different).

Thanks, rdale. I’m not quite sure where you’re telling me to click, but various clicks into the Corkboard icon then onto the folder, or the Corkboard icon and then (attempted but not succeeded) into the viewing pane which now contains several cards. Nothing is working.

Have the “Folders and Files” settings in Preferences changed at all?

Is “Include folder text” toggled on?

See … rivenings/

If you turn folder text on / off, you usually need to click on a different Binder item to get the Editor display to refresh…and then go back to where you really want to be. Or press CMD 1 twice to refresh the display by forcing Scrivener to switch views and reload.

Rather than spend a thousand words on clarifying my earlier post, let’s use a picture…

Click on the “Scrivenings” part of the icon a couple of times. It will toggle from showing you the the text of the files in your folder, and the text OF the folder.

@rdale - I didn’t know it worked that way - thanks!

On, it is showing scrivenings with folder and file text.

Off, it is showing folder text only. Yes?

In toggling scrivenings on and off, the folder text should always be visible (if enabled in preferences), shouldn’t it?

EDIT: Yep, I see what you mean, and we’re on the same page. Just depends on the settings in Preferences > Navigation.


rdale, you are my hero! Clicking on the Scrivenings icon a couple of times re-educated the view. Thank you so much. Nice dog too.