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First time of posting… I’ve been a Word user for the last couple of decades, but wanted to try out Scrivener for a new project to see if it’d improve my workflow.

When we create a heading, sub-heading, or a title, is it possible to then create a ‘follow-on’ style, e.g. I have a main heading and when I press the Enter key, it automatically switches to Body text style (or another of my choice)? Alternatively, if I wanted a sub-heading to always follow a main heading, then I could set that instead.

A small ask, but it helps the workflow: the one thing I never do is have 2 headings of the same level together, i.e. main heading followed by main heading, which is what currently seems to happen.

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Yes, you can define the “Next Style” for any paragraph style. See the subsection “Creating New Styles” in Section 15.6.3 of the (Mac) Scrivener manual.


There is an easier way of doing this, by scrapping most of your Word routines and embrazing the Scrivener way of doing things.
Use the Binder Titles as headings and sub-headings by organizing the body text in smaller pieces. Unlike Word you don’t need to have the headings as part of the text. You can basically let every paragraph be its own document in the Binder. And leave the body text as ’no style’.
This way you can easily change fonts, sizes, line spacings, etc very easily when you Compile the text.

If you haven’t done the built-in interactive tutorial found under Help, please do. It describes all the basic parts of Scrivener.

Thank you, Katherine.

I do have a Mac but primarily use a pc and there is no 15.6.3 in that manual; a text search on follow-on, follow on, or next style turns up nothing.

Thanks for your comment and help, though.


Thanks for your advice, it is appreciated.

I’ve been through the YouTube playlists of Scrivener, but am not at the stage to do what you’ve mentioned (just yet). I’ve got a deadline with this project so don’t have too much leeway to explore at the moment. I am actually a v. advanced Word user and, though I won’t be shelving anything in the interim, Scrivener’s organizational structure and capability is far better than Word can offer.

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I don’t know how to take screenshots in Windows, but it’s the same there as on the Mac:

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 12.56.10.png[/attachment]


Thanks for your response, Mark, but unless I’m missing something really obvious, it isn’t there [on a pc version].

Maybe if I define the style and follow-on on my Mac first, and then use the file on the pc. In reverse (design on pc and then you can import on Mac) is what I often do when designing Word templates for clients.

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It looks like you are using Scrivener Version 1 on Windows — that version doesn’t have Styles in the V3 sense.

In V1 styles are simply formatting presets — an easy way of applying a group of formatting in one go.
Once you’v applied a V1 style, it’s just formatting — there’s no way of knowing whether you got there through applying a preset style or by simple manual formatting.

In V3 Style are more like in Word — Scrivener knows that a paragraph is ‘in’ a certain style, so you can do things like change the font of all the “Heading 1” paragraphs in the document at once, assigned the Next Style character and so on.

The V3 project format is not compatible with V1 - you can’t work on it both in V1 and V3 at the same time.

When you move it over to the Mac (or you start using the Windows V3 beta), there will be a one-off conversion to V3 format (your V1 project is backed up for safety). On the Mac you can save a V3 project back to V1 format (again, leaving the V3 project intact), but that feature isn’t available on the Windows Beta yet. This round-tripping is doable, but inconvenient and I’d avoid it unless you have no other option. Of course, V1 will continue not to have features like real Styles, so you’d lose them when you move back to V1.

I think you have three real options here: continue to work on Windows Version 1 until the project is complete, then convert it on the Mac; work exclusively on the Mac; or install the Windows Version 3 Beta and continue to work on both platforms.

V3 is in late Beta on Windows, and many people have been using it for months with no show-stopping problems, but of course, that’s a decision only you can take.

I hope this helps explain the situation.

It does, brookter, thanks.

I appreciate you taking the time to write and clarify what’s occuring.

My version is, so that’ll be the reason.

Thus far, I like a lot of what I’m seeing with Scrivener (the output to Word isn’t anything to shout home about, but I can reformat that in a few minutes with with my own branded docs, so it’s by no means a show-stopper); I’ll follow it through to this project’s end and, assuming it all goes well (workflow-wise), and I can see the real benefit, then I’ll likely upgrade.

Thank you for your assistance.