font activation

I would like to use some specific fonts with Scrivener (Mac version) and I was wondering if I can put them in the Scrivener app folder in order to have them activated and loaded each time I run the software.
Since I use the mac for graphic design as well I tend to use a font manager (which kicks in when I launch the drawing software) for my graphic needs, and I would like to leave alone the font system folders.

Mac’s are rather nicely designed in this regard. There are three distinct levels of control on your Mac. There is the System, universal Library, and personal Library. In theory, nothing should ever touch System except Apple’s OS X updaters. The universal Library is where applications should put material that is useful to generally any user of the Mac. It’s good practice to, as a user, not mess with it, but it’s okay if you know what you are doing. Finally the personal library which is your own little sandbox.

You can put fonts in any one of these three, but naturally the best thing to do is install them into your personal library (especially if you do not have multi-user rights to the font).

You needn’t do anything special for Scrivener. It’s just a normal Mac-Cocoa citizen.

Thanks, you are right. In fact I wanted to delete my post, but alas, here is no delete function in this forum, just like in (real) life.
As for sticking the font in the app folder, it was something I’ve seen in some old Mac programs that came with their own font system and as a user I had to copy the fonts manually.